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Best Beer & Medieval Festivals

Our selection of the best beer & medieval festivals in the Bavarian Forest & Czech Republic

From Spring through to Autumn, there are beer and medieval re-enactment festivals virtually every weekend. If you want to plan your visit to take in some of the best, here are our personal recommendations. All of the events are free except the Dragon Slaying Festival - we can book tickets for you.

The dates given here are approximate dates. For a complete list of festivals and events throughout the current year, click here.

Best Beer & Medieval Festivals in the Bavarian Forest & Czech Republic



June 10-12th:

Historical Weekend and Annual Folklore Festical in Plzen (Czech Republic). Easy to reach by train.

June 16-20th : St. Benno Fest in Bodenmais - the 1st big village Beer Fest of the summer. Easy to reach by train. June 17-20th: Festival of the Five-Petalled Rose in Cesky Krumlow (Czech Republic). This lovely UNESCO World Heritage Site is well worth a visit at any time of the year but the the festival is a wonderful addition. (Car essential)
June 24-27th: St. Guntherfest in Rinchnach, the oldest settlement in the Bavarian Forest. On the Sunday there is a decorated horse and cart procession. June 24-26th: 20th Festival of the Salt Route in Prachatice (Czech Republic). One of the major festivals celebrating the old trading routes from Bad Reichenhall to Bohemia, this year celebrating the 1,000th anniversary of the Salt Route. (Car essential)
July 9-17th Grenzlandfest in Zwiesel, the 1st of the big, week long, local Beer Fests: fun fair, beer tents, sports competitions. Easy to reach by train.

July 16-17th: this is the best weekend of all for the medieval festivals, come if you can!

Saeumerfest in Grainet celebrates the salt carriers, with a procession, sword fights and music.

Pandurenfest in Speigelau commemorates the attack of Maria Theresia's Panduren (Croatian mercenaries) on the Bavarian Forest, with fabulous costumes, sword fights, medieval market. Easy to reach by train.

July 29th-August 3rd: Pichelsteiner Fest in Regen, 2nd of the big week long Beer Fests: with gondolas on the river and the famous Pichelsteiner Eintopf (casserole). Easy to reach by train. August 5th - August 22nd: the Dragon Slaying Festival in Furth im Wald - the biggest historical spectacle in East Bavaria. With medieval market, demonstrations. Tickets necessary for the main performances.
August 5-8th: Volksfest in Spiegelau. Easy to get to by train. August 6th: Saeumerfest in Grafenau - the last major salt route festival of the summer, in the oldest town in the Bavarian Forest. Procession, craft demonstrations, mummers and musicians.

August 14-15th: Ludwigshoehfest in Bayerisch Eisenstein. The village's own summer Fest, walk home afterwards!

August 12th-22nd: the Gaeubodenfest in Straubing. The second largest Beer Fest in Bavaria, after the Munich Oktoberfest.

August 19-21st: Cave Gaudium in Furth im Wald. Sword fighting festival.
September 1st-6th: Karpfhammer Fest - the largest agricultural festival in Bavaria. September 2nd-4th: Freyunger Schlossfest: the last big medieval fest of the summer at Schloss Wolfstein.
Market, camp fires, demonstrations, music, fire eaters etc.


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